How to change SataII into SataI mode?

Hi everyone,

I have a WD5000BPVT disk installed in my laptop throught an Ide-Sata caddy and I’m having some troubles with it, like micro-freezings or not-detecting disk on startup, but now it doesn’t work at all. I got a BSOD (unmountable_volume) everytime I run the laptop.

It’s probably caused by the caddy (chinese, you know), but I’ve read some people experiment this kind of troubles in ps3 or macbook system when installing a SataII disk and solve it by turning it into SataI, but I don’t know how to do it.

Do you know people if there’s any jumper setting or software able to do this?

Thanks in advice

We don’t support connecting this drive to external enclosures.

You can check with the enclosure manufacturer to get additional information about installing a drive on their product.

Check the link bellow for more information:

Installing a WD SATA, SAS, or PATA drive in an external USB/NAS enclosure or Personal Video Recorder

Jumper Settings and technical information