How to change my WD2Go email? or Delete the account?

I removed the device from my account beacause i wanted to change the email, but when i realized i couldn´t.

Do you know if there´s a way to  

 - Change WD2Go account email

 - Delete the account

 - Undo the removed devices.


If you are referring to WD2go on the Web, open the WD dashboard for your WD device, click Settings, Remote Access and then Web Access. There you can delete and add email accounts. If you are referring to the WD2go app, do the same but click on Mobile Access instead. Again you can delete and add mobile devices. Hope this helps.

My previous response may not help but this is/was my situation; my device email address is when I registered the WD2go app it used that email address as the description for the device. I have changed my device email address before and reregistered the WD2go app and it shows the new email address. So it’s somehow using the email address off your device.