How to cancel security software on My Passport 1tb 3.0

I bought several of these drives when they came out.  I loaded up the first without thinking what i was doing, and now find myself stuck with password control that I don’t want on this drive.  How can I remove it, so the drive is permanently open?  I deleted all files on the disk other than my own data files but it makes no difference.  I know I can do it by reformatting (which is what I did with all the others before I loaded data on them) but I don’t want to have to reload this disk - it is almost full with data and that would take literally more than a day.

HOW can I disable the automatic request for a password?

Run Smartware and turn the password back off.

On the software tha comes with the drive (Smartware) go to settings> drive settings (setup drive)> security.

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