How to cancel / delete / deactivate MyCloud Web Access account from WDC

Hi there, I have my own private cloud via VPN connection thru my router and do not need to have a WDC MyCloud account anymore.
Does anybody know how to deactivate this account?
The only available configuration after login is to change the password or to sign out.
Extremely feature rich web account :-(  One cannot even change the email address.


Hi HellOfAMood, welcome to the WD Community. You can disable cloud access from the My Cloud dashboard. Check page 76 of the manual for more information.

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Hi jubei04,

thank you for the response.

Yes, I disabled the cloud access in the dashboard.

But what about the WDC web-account, that I had to create. How can this account be deleted or is there no need for this?


As mentioned above you can turn off Cloud Access, but I would also delete any Devices that had access to WD2GO, in the Dashboard. Not sure if it is needed but at least there is no way anyone could accidentally activate the access without going through the total process again.