How to bring dead WD HD tv unit back to life (killed by WD update)?

I foolishly updated the software with a file supplied by Western Digital and when it went to reboot itself , it never has shown any signs of being functional. It doesnt power up , light up , but does make a very expensive DOORSTOP.  Have any of you had and solved this problem?  I have experience with a jtag unit  and have brought satellite receivers back from the dead and am experienced with the simple upgrades to software but this unit has no signs of life.  I will wait for replies before cracking this doorstop open.   thanks

I couldn`t resist cracking this baby open and I h_ave_ found a clue as to why WD telephone guys couldn’t find my unit.  It is an Engineering Sample.  The firmware may not have been compatible. It looks like it could be Jtag ed but without proper instruction and programs , I may be stuck. I already bought an HD Live to match my 500 gig  WD Passport and am happy with it but I know this one will function again with the original firmware.

Does anyone here know if Western Digital will take this prototype and reprogram it for me?  How?

Dear Mr. es335,

The same situation came to me too.

I bought an engineer sample with firmware ver. 1.01.41 from used market 5 months ago and it became a semi-bricked one after flashing the official firmware 1.01.77.

Since the formerly working firmware was not backup I am still learning how to modify the official one to save my WD HD.

Hope WD can Help since it’s a hard work for a linux newbie. >_<