How to Batch Convert Extensions

I thought I’d post this for those using moviesheets or cover boxes and need to batch convert all those pngs to jpgs and save a little time.

This is fairly easy to do and doesn’t require any software to do.

All you have to do is to first open an Explore window in Windows, the right click on the window.  Select “New” and “Text Document”.  Now you should have a new .txt file in the window, click on it to open it, then past this line in the txt file:

      ren *.png *.jpg

Now save the file and close it.  Then rename the txt file to something like “convert_png_jpg.bat”  (it has to have the “.bat” extension).

Once you do that, you can just drag or copy it to the folder that contains the png’s you need to convert, then double click on the “.bat” file.

That’s it, all your pngs should now show up as jpgs.

NOTE:  If you already have a jpg with the same name as the png you want to convert, the png will not be converted.

You can also download my .bat file HERE and use it.


Brilliant tip for the day TW!!

Was dreading the thought of doing this manually.


hopefully TG fills my request to impliment “transparent JPGs” as an option. I know they dont truly exist but just a feature in TG that allows you to select another option besides JPG or PNG that when selected it saves as PNG and auto renames to JPG on the fly.