How to backup other computers in the home network

The main reason why i bought this 1TB MyBook is to backup ALL my computers in my home network :neutral_face:. So I installed my WD MyBook Studio last night and was able to Backup my main computer (where the WD is connected). But i also want to backup the other computers in my home network - 3 laptops - to protect my children’s files.

I searched through the threads but found nothing similar.

I read through Rosie’s experience with her 2 computers but no relevant answer there for me, either :cry:

Is there anyone there who has figured-out this issue?

My WD is “SHARED” and i can see it in MY NETWORK PLACES




You could try to install Smartware on each computer and see if it is able to see the Studio on the Network. If it does, there you go, if it doesn’t, you’ll need another backup software able to see shared drives and set the Studio as the target.

I hope it helps :slight_smile: