How to backup newly created subfolders

Hi all,

I would like to have backup ed everything what I put into specific folder on my PC (W10). So far I am using WD smartWare Pro but it only archives sub folders present at the time of backup job creation. When I create a new sub folder in backup folder I need to also re-create the backup job. Is there a way to say backup this folder and everything what is in it?

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Firstly, You should create the File Backup while creating the Backup job with the WD Smartware Pro.

Moreover, When you create a new subfolder in the source Folder (i.e. the folder which is backing up in the drive from the computer.), It will be backed in the next backup.

The reason behind it is that the software is designed in such way that it will firstly create the image of the backup from the Smartware and then starts the backup. If you are creating the subfolder while the backup is running it won’t backed at the same time. It will be queued up for the next backup on the drive from the Smartware.