How To Backup Multiple Drives Using WDSmartWare?

I have a 1TB My Book Elite with version 1.6.5 running on a Win7/64 system.  I am trying to backup selected folders from drive C (a spinning hard drive) and the entire contents of drive G (an SSD drive).  In the backup tab I drill down into drive C and put a checkmark on each of the the folders I want to backup, and then back at the top level I put a checkmark on drive G, and start backup.

At the end, the Retrieve tab allows me to retrieve backed up folders from drive C but there’s no mention of drive G.

In fact, looking at the backup drive using Windows Explorer shows that it backed up drive G, but the Retrieve tab doesn’t list it so that makes it hard to use WDSmartware to retrieve those files.

What am I doing wrong?

From the Smartware Retrieve tab click on Back, under backed up volumes check if you have your two hard drives listed. You also have the option to retrieve your backup by manually copying your files from the backup folder. For more information check the link below.

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Try going to the Home tab and select the G drive.  Then go back to the Retrieve tab and you should see the files from that drive available.