How to backup files onto My Book Essential 1140

I have recently purchased a My Book Essential 1140 and have never backed up files on an external hard drive before. (I have always just saved everything to discs or jump drives.)

When I connect the My Book, it only shows up under Devices and Printers…so how do I transfer files from my computer to this device. I never receive a prompt to back up files nor am I able to “drag and drop” like I am used to doing.

It should work just like a normal USB memory, if you don’t see it on the computer window, open the disk management window to see if you can find it there, if you can see it, try running a test with DLG, check the link below for the steps.

I still can’t see it in the computer window or the disck management window. I have plugged it into both of the front USB ports. I still only see it under Devices and Printers.