How to back up / sync a folder?


I’m now getting on well with this NAS and have decided to keep it …

One issue though.

I copied my iPhoto library (ie a folder that contains photos, album data etc) to the drive manually.

It’s a t /Public/Shared Pictures/iPhoto Library. - and it’s about 60GB.

But after I’ve imported photos etc to my MacBook I then want to sync them - not copy over the 60GB again as this took all night.

I’ve tried using the WD back up software but when I specify my local library /Users/roger/Pictures/iPhoto Library as the source and /Public/Shared Pictures/iPhoto Library as the desitination I simply end up with

/Public/Shared Pictures//Users/roger/Pictures/iPhoto Library    ie a duplicate that tries to copy all across again.

I don’t want the path /Users/roger/Pictures/iPhoto Library on the NAS as it’s more to navigate through when streaming to my TV.

Any ideas? I know Rync can do it but this seems to have been discontinued for Mac. I’ve looked at Super Doopa and Carbon Copy Cloner but none of them seem up to the job either…


Hey friend take a look at page 73 here