How to back up selected files/folders manually

Dear All,

I m very new to this forum. My Boss just bought a “WD My Passport Essential SE” - ultra portable Hard Drive.

I’ve installed it & software. It has some default settings to back up & recovery.

But, I want to back up some of my specific folders regularly. Like we copy/paste from PC to flash drive manually. I did not found any option to do this. If try to copy, thyen getting error message.

So, from which option I can do this?


As we understand when you copy and paste the data, you get the error. What is the Error Message?

If the drive is connected to Windows XP/Vista/7, then right click on the files/folders, you will get an option called “Send To”. then select the External drive, it will listed as “MyPassport”, click on it.

Then the files will be copied on the external unit.