How to back up LiveHub contents?

Hi everyone,

I just picked up the LiveHub, and so far it seems to work great. I’ve stored a huge amount of files on the Live Hub’s hard drive, but now I’d like to back those up on an external HD.  What’s the best external HD device to use for this purpose? And is it as easy is plugging the HD device into my Live Hub, and transferring them?

Any USB2 drive from any manufacturer should do the trick.

If you’re looking to stay with WD, my personal recommendation would be the _ Elements Desktop _, over WD’s other offerings.

You could also back up to any manufacturer’s NAS drive, but that will be more costly.

But is there any way to just hook up an external HD to my LiveHub and just copy all of the files over to the external HD?

Yes it is possible. Just follow the instructions on page 40 of the user manual.