How to back up Drive D: on Asus computer to My Passport Ultra

I have an Asus laptop with a C: and a D: drive. My Passport Ultra recognizes my files on the C: drive and will back them up, but it thinks my files on the D: drive are system files, so it won’t back them up. How can I get My Passport to recognize those files as personal files?


WD Smartware does not backup system files.

All the file are actually personal files - music (mp3), document (doc), and picture (jpg) files. I transferred them from another computer to this one. For some reason, smartware thinks they are system files, which, as you said, can’t be backed up. I’ve also saved new files into D: thinking the problem might be because of transferring them, but smartware still thinks those files are system files. However, smartware does recognize these files in the C: partition.

My next step might be to delete the D: partition, find a way to move the recovery partition that’s between C: and D:, expand drive C: and recopy the files from the old hard drive to C:. Rather than doing that, I was hoping there was a quicker solution to have smartware recognize the personal files in D: so it backs them up.