How to avoid UPnP-accesses to WD TV Live?


first of all I want to apologize for my English, I’m from Germany. :slight_smile:

Since yesterday I have a WD TV Live. I’m very happy about it, everything works fine. But I have one question: How can I avoid undesired UPnP-accesses e.g. from the “i share media”-app? I do not want to fully deactivate it, but I want to stop cohabitant bantering with me by streaming horrible 10-hours-youtube-videos to my WD TV Live.

I looked through the security adjustments but found nothing appropriate…

Maybe someone has an idea to help me out!?

Not sure if I understand, you have an application that streams youtube videos to the WDTV?

My cohabitant has an app that streams youtube videos and other stuff to the WD TV. But the WD TV does not ask me if I want to allow his streaming. So he can stream videos to my WD TV and I cannot do anything against it accept pushing the ‘Back’-button on my remote control all the time. Now my question is: Is it possible to change the settings of the WD TV in such a way that it asks me for my permission instead of instantly start streaming?


So is your roommate doing this just to annoy you?!  

Yes, he is. :smiley: He is jealous, because he only has an Asus O!Play. But we are good friends so it is no problem to stop him doing that, I just thought there might be a possibility to keep him out of my system. Nevertheless thank you for your answers. :slight_smile: