How to avoid a wd passport essential drive from appearing in Smartware software backup

I had a WD passport essential and I’ve just bought a bigger My Book Essential.

When I run the software WD Smartware and go to a file based backup, I find other removable discs (from other manufacturers) and I can choose folders and files to backup. But my 500Gb passport essential is not listed because it appears as a unit that I can configure to store the backup in.

I have just updated both the firmware and the WD_Smartware software version.

I guess that if I reformat the passport essential and get rid of both the VCD and the password then the matter will be solved.

Is there an alternative way of making my passport essential out of the candidates in which to store the backup and
a unit which content I really want to back up.

Kind regards

Hi, if you are trying to backup a hard drive that supports smartware to another hard drive that supports smartware it wont work.


 Thank you for your reply. It is a sad thing to hear that the software does not permit to blind one of the units from being seen as a target for the software backup. Perhaps it should be considered as an improvement for new software releases.

 Still, is there a way to be able to get rid of the Smartware software backup but being able to password protect the WD 500Gb. passport essential, being this way able to backup this drive in the bigger My Book Essential?

  Thanks a lot in advance for any suggestion.