How to Automatically Delete stored my cloud files & empty Sub Directories

Hello All. some old posts to this issue have suggested the use of crontab, but for those like me who are not croknowlegeable in this, a simple method it to :
1-Create shares you want to use in WD drive. map the WD drive top level share, on a windows computer(having set FTP and NFS active on WD drive) over your network.
(if you want sub directories, you will have to create them from windows Mapped access)

2-download Cyber D`s Auto Delete for windows- this allows you to set up a complex delete plan(in Config.exe with one program), and then run it as often as you want, with a different autodelete.exe program, via windows task scheduler.(many youtube vids show how to do this).

With Auto delete you can send files to trash, include sub folders, delete empty sub folders, use a secure delete, or move files to folder. All with selectable Name and date/time filters. Check it out.

When you add a folder in Autodelete it will allow you to select the network place ( and sub directory if created)on the WDcloud drive. For multiple directory entries make sure a new single word, different, title name is created, otherwise it will overwrite the one you have already created.

I am planning to use this to delete CCTV footage stored on MYcloud after several days. it is set up and have tried it manually( no cameras yet) but works.


Hi @AdmralGreen,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting: