How to add subtitles for non english scenes to a movie file

Hi all,

Im pretty much a novice to all things technical. when downloading movies and playing them on my tv through my WD Elements 2TB i have persisted through the non english speaking scenes with no subtitles. I think its about time I learnt how to add a subtitles to these scenes.

so in easy to understand steps can someone help insruct me in how to add subtitles to non english speakings scenes in a movie file that can be played through my WD media player on my tv.

any help appreciated 


The “easiest” way … grab a *.srt   (subtitle file) and name it exactly the same name and place it next to your movie file



of course, you will have to “search” the net for the correct subtitles for that particular movie

ie. you only want english subtitles for the “Navi” spoken parts in Avatar … then you gotta search and find them

Lastly, if you have the 2 file’s above … and want to “embed” the *srt  into the movie file … then

MKVMerge will do it …

Personal advice … use gOOgle to research the topic and you will find PLENTY of info … cheers :smiley:

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