How to add movies to My Book Essentials

Hi I am only new to the technical world of hard drives.  My sister has a wd elements external drive which she plays her movies through the TV, so I thought I would purchase a my book essential, and can’t for the life of me figure out how to add movies.  Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Well, your TV may not recognize the My Book Essentials at all… the drive was designed to be connected to a computer, not to other media devices.

If it is recognized, the drive will have shipped as NTFS, and your TV might want FAT32… you’d have to look in the TV’s manual… if it wants FAT32 you’d have to reformat the drive.

If the TV accepts the drive and the formatting, then all you’d really need to to would be connect the drive to your PC, and drag/drop or copy/paste the movie files from your PC to the drive, then safely remove the drive from the PC and connect it to the TV.

Thanks RoofingGuy…all good got it working yeah!!!for you.


I think i Ruined my Drive and all the data, just doing that. I used My Book 1TB with HD Media Player and after sometime all the data somehow got vanished, still in process of recovering it.

Doing just what?  Re-formatting it?  Of course that erases the drive’s contents.

If you mean just using it with a media player, any external drive can/will be corrupted if it is not “Safely Removed” - the exact same as if it’s connected to a PC.  WD offers the “Eject” feature on its media players to safely remove a drive so that you don’t corrupt it by just yanking the USB cord.