How to Add media Player on Tv channel

Hi Guys!

Can you give me some advise if i can Add my Wd tv Live on tv channel, i have 3 flat Samsung tv , 1 sony crt tv 1 crt samsung tv and 1 home theathre Philips tv 

is there any device can i use to.

i just saw this on some of Hotels ,they use WD tv live

Sorry for my bad english 

Sounds like some sort of  either RF or AV Distribution to each Hotel Room TV … i don’t know much about this

Google “AV Distribution” perhaps ?

P.S. If all your TV’s were Smart TV’s featuring DLNA and were on the same Network … then the WDTV Live Hub can stream to all of them (and each TV could be playing Different content streamed from the Live Hub)

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Thank you sir

Maybe this is the one i need…


Yes LedzPerez that looks like the type of device you would need …

but as i have no experience in  “AV Distribution” …

I would wait for other forum users to post their ideas, opinions, thoughts and advice on what you would need to purchase.

Edit: Another “option” is a Wireless Multi AV Sender / Receiver (thus avoiding cables)

Depending on house walls / stories they can be “touch’n’go” … but i would probably advise talking to experts and researching as much info as you can before you decide to purchase.

As an example of a AV / HDMI sender / reciever (not cheap … but will give the best picture quality).