How to Add Hulu as a service?

How do i add Hulu to services

You don’t.

You can use a third-party app like PlayOn to make Hulu available as a Media Server, though.

Unless I’m missing something on the WD TV Live Hub Meda Center, I don’t think you can view the Playon channels or plugins like you could with the WD TV Live. 

I can find my network folders through Playon but not the channels…?

Anyone know how I can view things like ESPN3 or Hulu via Playon with Live Hub Media Center?

Right now, play on is broken on the hub. For me, when trying to access it, it says there is nothing there. The only way I can get it to work is via the files menu instead of videos menu. Try that.

Have anybody confirmed with PlayOn that the PlayOn media streaming software is broken with the HUB ? I can’t get PlayOn to stream to the Hub either. I started a support call with them, but gave up after not making much progress.

PlayOn claims that the data was being streamed to the HUB, but the HUB would drop the PlayOn connection, and no video is ever played on the WD Live Hub.

No, I’m saying the HUB is broken with PlayOn.  (The fault is The HUB.)

For ME, it works FINE if you access PlayOn via the Hub’s FILES menu, but the Audio/Photos/Videos menus are BROKEN (they say “No media in current folder.”)

But again, if you acess PlayOn via FILES, it works perfectly fine for me.   WD is aware of the issue.