How to add folders to music queue?

short version: how to add folders to the music queue, instead of per track.

londer version:

Just got my WD Live Tv (new edition) for a week and am enjoying it a lot.

no probs with subs or formats not supported. Above expectations!

One topic I am struggling with is how to control the Music. I am using Medialibrary (with networkshares in it) and really would like to easily add a folder (a full album of an artist) to the queue. I only see the +add to queue on file-level, not on folder level. Adding files one by one is the only solution I found (not really a friendly one). When I am listening to album 1, I’d like to add a new album to the queue.

Anyone who can point me at the option I may have missed?

thanks in advance,


AFAIK this option is not available.  You may submit this as an Idea.