How to add an extra EX-4 in MyCloud account?

Hi, I had two EX-4’s attached to my MyCloud account. Now, due to new network settings of one of the devices, one EX-4 is greyed out ‘OFFLINE’.
It is online again, but I think I’ll have to ‘connect’ the device to my MyCloud account again.
Can’t find where I should do this…
I see there’s a ‘CLOUD settings’ page, for an admin and for all other users. But it seems that is not the right place.
So I want the EX-4 to appear online, if I login to my MyCloud account in short. How?

Hello MacMartino,

You should just need to ensure the My Cloud device Cloud Service is ON and Connected in either Port Forward or Relay mode from the dashboard. You can have a look on this link for more details regarding My Cloud network connection status.