How To Add All Songs In An Album or Albums By An Artist To Queue

Is there a simple way to add all songs that are on an album or all albums from an artist to my queue? 

I have my audio files arranged as one ordinarily does - individual songs from a single album in one directory.  And all the album directories for albums by an artist in another directory. 

I cannot figure out how to do this simple function (that every player I know of can do) in a simple way.  I can “open” an album and select all the items on that page but that method is impossibly clumsy and slow. 

There must be a simpler way to do this.  What is it?

Have you tried “Select Multiple” function?

Thanks Tony.  I think I have but maybe I’m not using it correctly. 

Here’s what I did.

  1. Navigated to the Artist

  2. Navigated to all the Albums by that artist

  3. Navigated to the individual song files in the first of those albums

  4. Clicked until I got to the Select Multiple option

  5. Selected individually all the many songs on that album (and then backed up and did the same for the next album and then surrenedered.)

Eventually I discovered the Select All On Page option at the top of the individual song page.  That made it a bit easier but still fairly unusable.  Also, if I sort by album, I can “Play Album” but that means I need to go through and find all the albums by an artist. 

Is that what you mean?  Or is there an easier way that I haven’t found?

What I’d like to do is Navigate to the Artist and add all the files by that artist.  And sometimes Navigate to the Album, select it and add all the songs on that album with one select.  Or put another way, I’d like to put songs in my queue the way I do on my mp3 player, computer media player, and phone.