How to add a Filter (sort) order to engine

I have a My Cloud that I am reasonably happy with but I have a questions regarding the search engine…
How can I add a Filter or sort order… “Genre” It is a basic sort order that is contained within the meta-data of movies.
The Music category has a Genre filter how can I get that to appear in the Movie category?

What “search engine”? What program or app are you using to search the My Cloud?

Sounds like you’re accessing the DLNA media server. And you probably want to set the ‘advanced navigation mode’ via the Twonky UI.

This thread may help:

Hi Paranoia,
Thanks for the reply. I had found that article and started to read it but I remembered I had gone down that path a while back and noted that it took a long time and a lot of effort just to add a few lines of code to the Twonky engine. I am not going to do it again…
With that in mind and remembering how limited the Twonky engine is, why the heck does WD keep using it? There must be an alternative to it.

If I had a bigger version of MyCloud I could implement the Plex Media Server which has lots of built in filters and sorting functionality.
Do you or anyone else know if there are any software apps I can install on a MyCloud product that serves as a Media Server or better engine than Twonky to use DLNA?

I tried to install the Plex Media Server on MyCloud but it refuses to install. WD’s documentation notes that this version of MyCloud is not supported.

Squire Dude