How to actually disable syncing- Android

I have a folder of files on my My Cloud that I want to use on my phone in batches. Let’s say there are 100 files, and I want to download 10 to my Android, and when I’m done with those, delete them and download the next 10 files.

However, when I select and download the next batch in the My Cloud app, I have to wait for the first 10 to re-download before 11-20 will download. This continues until I have to wait for the first 90 files before I can work with the last 10.

I have the Auto Sync setting to “Always Off.” When I start the download process the Activity and Download screens are empty. When I clear the old downloads, I get a dialog that says, “this file/folder will no longer sync with [my My Cloud]. Continue?” I hit okay, but the files continue to sync.

The app and firmware are up to date.

How can I end this madness? Thanks!

Files should no longer be syncing after they are removed. Did you try re-installing the app from scratch?