How to activate the NCQ function for WD3200AAKS Caviar Blue?

I am using windows 7. My motherboard uses AMD 780G chipset and SB700 southbridge. Its brand is Jetway HA06.

I have seen that the NCQ is supported by the hard driver through EVEREST software, but it is NOT enabled.

Could somebody tell me how to activate the NCQ function? (Native Command Queuing)

Try switching Windows to AHCI mode and see if NCQ becomes enabled.

Is there a “Command Queuing” selection in the SATA controllers under Device Manager for the WD drive?

The AHCI is enabled in BIOS. The EVEREST still says support NCQ but not activated.

I will look for the  “Command Queuing” selection when I go back home. But, I am afraid that there isn’t such a option.

Anyway, I will try it.

Now, the status is:

  1. AHCI has been selected in BIOS.

  2. Under Device Manager, there is a “AMD SATA Controller”. But I cannot find anything like “Command Queuing”.

What should I do?

But the way, could someone tell me how you verify the NCQ is activated? Thanks!