How to activate auto format for stolen WD Password?

Hi everyone…

I have bad day yesterday, my laptop bag including my WD passport was stolen form my car.

My WD passport were passworded and contain crucial data from my work whithin last 3 years and I dont want this data fall to a wrong person.I believe WD have settings to auto format if wrong password were detected couple of time. I have not activate those setting and wonder if I can activate that by WD website now?? Any info will be well appreciated. 

dude, it does not have remote access or GPS tracking service is a simple storage device…What’s normally happens is that if you enter the password wrong 5 times in a row the drive is going to ask you to format in order to be operative again.

Keep in mid that only happens with smartware, if you do not have smartware install in your computer it won’t happen at all.