How to access wd red drive from all in one hdd dock to complete data recovery?

As the title states have a all in one dock with 3tb mycloud inserted whilst connected to mb pro. However as is common it won’t initialise, does anyone know how to get them to connect in order that I can data recover? Good news is, the drive is spinning! Thanks!

You will need to use some flavor of the Linux OS to properly access the drive and copy the contents off of it. Windows, unless one installs 3rd party software, doesn’t have the proper drivers to recognize the Linux file format (ext4) used for the 4th partition on the My Cloud hard drive that contains the Share folders containing users data.

If you do a forum search (magnifying glass in upper right corner of page) there are numerous thread discussing how to “unbrick” a WD My Cloud hard drive and to access or recover the data on a bricked my cloud hard drive. Some of those unbricking methods can be performs in such a way that one doesn’t loose the data on the drive.