How to access WD My Cloud using Windows Phone 10

I used to be able to access My Cloud using my windows phone 7 and 8 but now after updating to windows phone 10 I am unable to access it using my phone as the apps are removed and there are no new apps for it. Even windows Edge Browser cannot access it.
I use to show people how i could do that and people would be like “wow, WDC My Cloud is cool, where can I buy one” but now , since I have no access using my Windows Phone 10 I am ashamed to tell anyone I own a WD My Cloud.

Hi, unfortunately this has being asked before, WD Does not plan to create an application for Windows 10 to allow Windows phone users to connect to the WD My Cloud.

However you should vote the idea to create a Windows Universal.

The heck with an application, why doesn’t their site allow it to work with the edge browser??
Are there only certain browsers that work with

Correction: You really should be ashamed you own a Windows phone! The phone, even after all these years, has NO market share (OK, maybe 4%) hardly ANYONE uses one, and hardly ANY company supports them with apps these days (incl WD and countless others), because Microsoft kept changing the phone’s internal structure so apps had to be built from scratch again. At this point, all the app companies threw their hands up, because why make apps for a product that never got a foothold in the marketplace anyway?

Two platforms of phones have 90% of market share these days; Apple’s iOS and countless Androids. If you had either of these platforms you would have more apps available than you could imagine.

Throw you Windows phone in the recycle bin and get one that is supported with many apps.

Don’t believe me? Search this forum for “windows phone” as there are quite a few, (not a lot, mind you) Windows phone users slamming WD for their smart business decision. Still don’t believe? Start Googling!
End of your Reality Check.