How to access or automatic sync with pc folder?

Hi all,

Since I’m a newbie and not a real computer expert, I like to how I can access a pc folder through wdtv live hub. So, in that way I do not have to copy new episodes or movies via wireless connection to the live hub (which takes forever). 

Or, if that is not possible, can I sync a certain folder of my pc with the live hub? So that, for instance a new episode is stored in that pc folder, it is automatically copied to the wdtv live hub? 

Any help or instructions would be much appreciated! 



I’m not trying to be mean or nasty, but this info is outlined in the owners manual. There is a link to it in my signature. But here is one you can click on: Hub Manual:

Check page 76 - 78

Now if you have read it but still need some help, I’m sure you’ll get it here :slight_smile:

Thank you for the manual. :smiley:

I have followed the instructions (such as the options in the network and sharing center, sharing also the folder, etc). When I then go to the live hub, I can see the folder that I wanted to share. But when I then click on it, I get “there is no media present in current folder”. However, on my pc there are several .avi files present. 

Do you know how I can solve this? Thanks a lot! I am happy that I get some help :smiley:


Only thing I can think of is make sure you can see those same files from other PCs or devices in your network. Make certain the Hub is in the same workgroup as the PC, which by default both the Hub and windows PCs are set to “Workgroup” . Make sure you are at the Hubs Home Menu then Video menu then press the RED button on the remote and if/when the window pops up you select network shares (I think that is what its called - going from memory) If you eventually get asked for a password/ID skip entering anything, put a check mark in the box in the loweleft corner to remember this then select OK. 

Shared Windows folders have to have to be setup properly and I believe “Everyone” has to have access. 


Thanks for your help! But I found a great youtube tutorial that helped me out. It is finally working now…

Thanks again for your suggestions and help,


Yippie! The end result is all that counts. Doesn’t matter how you got there. :slight_smile: