How to access old backup from previous computers

On one of my current computers, I use to be able to access my old backs by clicking on the path TimeMachineBackup(\WDMyCloudMirror) (Z:)
Now, there is a red x in front of TimeMachine…

When I click on the path, I get an error message that states:
An error occurred while reconnecting Z: to \WDMyCloudMirror\TimeMachineBackup
Microsoft Windows Network: The local device name is already in use.

This connection has not been restored.

I’ve never owned a MAC but isn’t TimeMachine for MACs using APFS?

I would say no because I have a windows machine.

I can’t see any mention of Windows in this article but if you’ve had it working in the past then it must work. I use Windows File History personally.

Ok how do you use Windows file history?

I have a share setup on my NAS which is mapped to a drive on my PC.

If you open windows search (the magnifying glass on the taskbar) type in “File History” you should see “Backup Settings” as an option. Click on it and “Backup using file history” should be the top item in the window that appears. Click to switch it on and then click “More options”. In there you can select the folders you want backed up, the destination (the mapped NAS share) and various other options. Works well for me.

I also do a weekly full system backup which includes all partitions of both my internal drives ( I use Ashampoo Backup Pro but there are dozens similar) onto a separate external drive which is only ever connected for that purpose to guard against malware encryption and the like because anything permanently connected on the network is at risk.