How to access my cloud remotely from Windows

I am having a hard time to figure this out as i want to access all my cloud Shared remotely from another Windows machine (not android or IOS) i need a help way or another to be able to MAP those shares remotely over the internet…

You can not map the unit remotely. In order to access it from a location outside of your network you can use the web client on

Unofficially, for Gen1/V4 devices only:

am pretty sure i saw someone reviewing this product on youtube claiming it can map a share remotely through VPN, any other thoughts ?..

Yes you can potentially map the My Cloud through a VPN server on your local network. Some consumer routers support VPN client connections and there are any number of VPN software/hardware devices available that would allow VPN clients to access the local network.

Perform an internet search to learn more about VPN servers and how to set one up, along with how to map an NAS device, like the My Cloud, through a VPN tunnel.

Also perform a forum search, magnifying glass icon upper right, as there may be additional discussion on trying to configure the My Cloud itself to be the VPN Server. Note this is NOT supported by WD and one runs the risk of bricking the My Cloud device if attempting to install, update, or change firmware modules. Further one may void their My Cloud warranty with unofficial modifications of the device firmware.

If it’s an old YouTube video, then it’s possible it’s referring to earlier versions of the firmware, that did allow remote mapping of the drive. This facility was removed by WD, without explanation, about 18 months ago.

If your router supports a VPN service , by connecting to it…you SHOULD be able to access the shares as though you were on your local network…I’ve not tried it recently though.

Not sure about mapping the shares as drives letters though…could be worth a try.