How to access My Book while my own laptop won't start at all after Win 7 updates?


Please could someone kindly be able to quide me in this sudden problem?

My Hp laptop has Win 7 Home Premium, which got yesterday 25 updates.

Updating collapsed at 19/25 and after that my laptop never started Windows again.

Luckily my most important data is in My Book 4 Gt.

But… while I try to connect My Book to our other laptop which earlier never have been connected together

My Book refuses to open all Photo albums.

“You don’t have rights for this album” (Translated form Finnish to English)

However some other albums will be able to see as they are.

That worries me, why some of the most important albums are refused to be opened by this other laptop?

How do I give rights for the other laptop to read those albums and se the files?

Thank You so much!

It seems to be a permissions issue. Perhaps the following article will be able to assist:

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Thank You for your kind help!

You “nailed the problem” with that link!

Exactly what I needed! =)

My pleasure.