How to access mbl using filezilla

i recently purchase wd live
I wish to access wd live from work place using filezilla. May i know what are the steps to enable my workplace pc using filezilla to access wdlive at home?

This is basic information for all the ftp programs.

You will need to enable the ftp option on the my book live.

You will need to set a static Ip on the drive. Also make sure that you open the ports 80 and 443 on your router to allow you access to your drive.

but i am not using website, i am using filezilla client

I also could not connect to my “my book” via ftp using filezilla,

i read many articles ect, which gave me 50% wrong info,

i solved the problem for my own pc to connect to my device,

by using the active settings ect in filezilla, and fallback to active mode when in passive mode…

but also i tell it which ports to use, 6000 - 7000 i then had to forward this port range to my pc internal ip…

to be able to connect and use my devices using its external ip address,

so thats my own pc on the same network as the device but connecting using its external internet ip. this was done for testing to make sure i could could connect from my external ip.

this solves nothing really, because for instance if i was at my girlfriends house and i wanted to access my device

from there i would have to forward the port range on HER router to her laptop or pc local ip, its not the solution…

in the end i just end up using fireftp for firefox, which connects fine with no problems and no extra setting in my router

apart from forwarding ports 20-22 to my device for ftp.

i still cant connect connect via ftp using my andriod phone and app, it hangs when trying to get the dir structure,

so again its a port range problem me things, although the ftp are letting the connect happen, there is a problem with the extra port ranges for file sends and recieves ect.

is there any idea how to do it?


i can only offer 2 options,

1, UseFireFTP in mozilla firefox

  1. config filezilla to use ACTIVE mode and specify the port range to use 6000 - 7000

then in the router with the internet connection forward this port range (6000 - 7000) to the internal ip of the computer

you want to connect to your device,

obvioulsy option 2 is kinda stupid, as we dont always have access to the router and/or its internal settings.

for me this works as the pc’s i transferre files to/from my device i have access to the routers, (friends/family ect)

so its easy for me to just nip into there router and forward the ports which i remove afterwards, its tiresome,

so instead i use fireftp in mozilla, i think this works because it uses port 80 (maybe) to make a passive connection to my device through an already open port. i dont really know about such things.

its ok connecting to the device because ports 20 through 22 are forwarded to the device, however its the extra ports that are needed to send/recieve information this is the problem, i think there is a problem also when the device returns its address to the ftp client, its returning its internal address which obvioulsy unreachable outside of your lan, when i think it should send its external internet address…

however i could be talking total nonesense and have no idea what im talking about. :confused: