How to Access Invisible Files on WD My Passport?

Hi all,

I’d like to first thank you for taking the time to read about my issue. I have a 750 GB WD My Passort External HD that I run on my Macbook Pro running OS 10.6.8. I’ve had no problems with the drive in the past until yesterday. I had saved a file to the drive that I no longer wished to save so I tried deleting it. For some reason, the file wouldn’t delete so I figured the file was corrupted in some way. I opened Disk Utility and ran the “Verify Disk” feature to see if it could solve the corrupted file and within seconds, all of my files disappeared from the drive.

Initially, I thought Disk Utility completely erased them from the drive, but when I check the drive’s specs, it states that there are only 91.36 GB free out of 749.45 GB. So it appears that my files are still there since the space they occupied before is still in use. When I open a Finder window, “My Passport” appears on the sidebar but once clicked, no files are visible at all.

Does anybody know how i could go about retrieving these 600+ GBs of missing work?

I appreciate your help!


Have you try using the drive on a different computer? maybe with a different OS.

I’m having a similar problem.  All of sudden my files are invisible as well but my disk management shows that I have 220GB used out of 930GB but I can only see 100GB files … other 120GB of files are there but not able to see. 

My pc is running on Window7.

Can someone help us retrieve this inaccessible files, please?

Your comments are appreciated.