How to access files remotely - folders empty

Hi, have just installed Mybook Live, the intention being able to access files through my laptop or ipad whilst overseas.  A complete backup has been done but folders appear empty.  How do I copy or transfer my files to the accessible folders?  Only a little bit of tech knowledge so be gentle!

You cannot access smart ware based backups remotely.

Then how do I access my files remotely?  Purchase Mybook Live on the basis of accessing my info from my ‘personal cloud’, either via web or ipad/iphone WD2go apps.  Have set this all up but folders show as empty.

You need to put the FILES on the MBL.

Backups aren’t copies of individual files, they’re backups.

Smartware software examines your filesystem for changes since the last backup, then it takes those changed files (or just the specific changes to the files), compresses them and bundles them together into “containers” that you wouldn’t be able to use anyway.

A single SmartWare container file may contain changes to hundreds of other files.

just map to [\mybooklive](file://%5C%5Cmybooklive) and start dragging files over.  use it like a usb drive.  I haven’t played with remote access so I’m sure there are some password issues to sort out when you create shares (which are just folders on the MBL) and assign privileges.

thanks for your help.  All fixed.  Dont know why the setup instructions for WD2go don’t explain this part.  I realise it is a fairly logical step, however I’ve been under a lot of stress the last few days and wasn’t thinking clearly and needed a little prodding!