How to access drive 2 in a JBOD

I have setup my cloud as a JBOD.
There are two drives (two Bays) but I can only access to drive 1.
How do I access to drive 2?

This forum is for the basic, single-bay MyCloud. Try posting on the forum for your multi-bay model.


I have moved the post to the My Cloud Mirror forum.

When you set up shares, you should get the option of which drive to put them on (drive 1 or drive 2).

The MCM doesn’t offer its whole drives up for access, it only offers the shares on them to the network (think of them like shared folders). So you won’t see the drives, but in the list of shares there will be ones on drive 1 and ones on drive 2 in the list together if that’s how you’ve set things up.

If you want to simulate drives, make a share on Drive 1 called “Drive 1” and a share on Drive 2 called “Drive 2”. Then it’ll look like both drives are visible on the network, even though it will actually be just the two shares (which unless you set quotas can/will grow as you use them to fill up each of their respective disks).