How to access data

I deleted by accident all my photos - rather than look on my wd device I PANICKED and contacted a specialist! he charged me £300 to retrieve things but did not actually do so, he upgraded Windows for me and made my mouse and keyboard stop working I have some pictures on Picassa which he had deleted but did reinstall at my insistance he said its not supported so not worth having but my photos are still there whereas the ones on my computer dont appear to be. Also for some reason we cannot get into mycloud from either my husbands phone or my ipad I am unsure what to do as dont want to make things worse and cannot face allowing this chap to touch anything again I am not sure if it is backing things up any suggestions would be helpful. He did reset the mycloud so I guess all is lost

Where were your photos stored?

Sounds like your ‘specialist’ was a cowboy. Sorry to hear that. Assuming you told him exactly what you wanted doing, he had no business doing anyhing else with your computer; upgrading Windows will not recover deleted images, and will only make them harder to recover, by overwriting the hard disk where they might have been stored.

Now for the MyCloud.
You said he ‘reset’ it. Do you know exactly what he did? Pushing the reset button on the back won’t delete your data.
What is the front panel LED indicating? Is it blue?
What are the LEDs on the Ethernet port showing?
Can you access it from your computer?

I’d suggest downloading and reading the User Manual; it sounds like you will need to associate your iPad and phone with the MyCloud again. That’s not hard; see Chapter 8.