How to access dashboard? I only see Twonky now

In the past, I could simply double-click the MyCloud drive under the storage section of my network and it would load the dashboard. Now when I click it, it tries to take me to (which is the correct IP for MyCloud)…but it gives me a “Forbidden – You don’t have permission to access / on this server” error.

When I click on the media device icon for MyCloud, it takes me to Twonky. Despite having had two different My Cloud devices over the past five years, I’ve only recently seen Twonky (which looks pretty primitive, btw).

I don’t seem to have any way to access my MyCloud dashboard.

Is there some other way to access it?

Otherwise, my drive seems to be functioning perfectly. I have access to my shares and I use them regularly with no other difficulties.

Please help :slight_smile: thanks!

RESOLVED NOW: with a simple reboot. duh

Twonky is a media server. What you see is the control panel for that server. It’s not intended to be a media player; that’s the role of the media client.