How the Media Library should work - Custom Views

1.  I connect my WDTV to my network

2.  It asks me which folders I want to search for video/pictures/music

3.  It finds them all, regardless of what my folder structure is like and records their location

4.  It gathers meta data for all of the items it can find

5.  I start WDTV and I have the following options:



     Movies:Genre *

     TV:Genre *


* These should be configurable, I should be able to create my own custom searches based upon the meta data available.

  1. I select a Movie and it starts playing it (I don’t have to navigate into a folder etc)

  2. I select a TV Show and it then either give me a list of seasons or episodes that I can watch (and some indication of what I have already watched so I know where I am up to)

At the moment, the Media Library is very dependent upon how we structure our Movie and TV folders which isn’t ideal as everyone will have their own implementation (and its crazy that everyone would need to amend their structure just so the WDTV plays nice).  WDTV shouldn’t care where it found the movie/tv show it should just record that it did, display it so it can be selected and then play it without me having to navigate to it.  I have my movies in their own folders so the meta data isn’t displayed unless I am in the actual folder which is a poor implementation.

WDTV has done all the hard work - it’s gotten all of the meta data - it just has a very poor way of showing it.

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This sounds very nice.  I suggest you to submit this as an Idea, so it can be taken into consideration for a future firmware release: WD TV Live Streaming Ideas 

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Good idea, I thought I’d try and generate some discussion about it first before it got lost in the sea of requests.

Custom Views - How the Media Library should work

I bought the SMP principally because it had the Media Library functionality.  I was running WDLXTV on my old Gen1 and whilst I had generated Movie Sheets for it I got tired of having to run Thumbgen to generate pages for new stuff I added - I was hoping that the SMP would just do all that for me and I’d not need to think about it again which it does, to a degree, but once it has generated the sheets its not very good at organising and displying them.