How the hell do I update?


Just set up my live player. Not in Network mode, I dont intend to use the network for a while, just wanted the optionfor future use. I just have a USB drive attached to it. It wont play some .avi files, some .mp4 files and wont play ,mkv files at all, (fairly annoyed about this, it is new after all).  So I assume a firmware update is required. Only problem is, it wont look on the USB drive for the update, it wants to upgrade via the internet, giving no option to upgrade off the USB. Is there a way to do this?



Your unit must be connected to the internet if you are getting the network upgrade nag - Just think, how would the unit know there was an upgrade if it had not been told!

Disconnect it from the network / router / wireless adaptor. remove all usb adaptors / drives except the one with the firmware. The unit should then find it. Don’t be to upset if this does not sort out your problem as I have had most firmwares and they all played .mkv.