How should I initiate a WD mycloud mirror with all my computers?

Hi everybody! firstable sorry for my bad English.

Just I’ve bought a WD MyCloud mirror 6TB, and I would like to start and work with it. I want to make an automatic backup of my 3 computers and laptop with WD SmartWare Pro

The question is: first initiates the basic settings in (I think it’s the link, well…) and set the admin user and/or if I want another user, isn’t it?

When I´ll do it, what do I do? Should I create as many users as computers do I have or should I create some type of folder to back up each computer?

That I want is automatic backups of all computers and access from some devices that I have out of home

Does anyone “throw” a little light on this thing I want to do?

@cymmer First if you have installed SmartWare read the Help Information provided or the User Manual.

Each computer/user should have SmartWare on their computer. See example image below of how my Desktop and Laptop are backed up to SmartWare.