How secure is the data in my MY CLOUD HOME?

Following our discussion I feel absolutely confused that security issue is completely beyond MCH users’ concerns. Reviewing forum I have found just one sentence which only increase my doubts over My Cloud Home security with respect to possible hacker’s attack:
drlucky writes: „There is no option to encrypt the data. Password for your network should be set for network security”

Well, well, well… even child knows that passwords used to protect network is just a poor illusion of protection and such networks are ready to overcome by most of teenange comp skilled users.
So it looks, My Cloud Home is NOT protected at all and every home-hacker is able to lock in. Sad…

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drlucky, I guess that we are both “out of luck”. I just wasted a good 1h that I will never get back chating with a poor ■■■■■■■ that WD sent to the frontline with a slingshot against a Penzer attack (I feel for you Kevin!)