How photos are displayed

Recently purchased the EX2 ultra and it works like a champ. My problem is in how the software in the is displaying the files. When I want to view photos in a share, specifically, jpeg files, I have a large amount of photos on the drive broken into 80 sub-folders. The first 17 folders will display the photo thumbnails without an issue, but after that, beginning with folder 18, the thumbnails do not display.

My first thought was the photo properties might be set incorrectly (8 bit v. 16 bit v. 24 bit, compressed/uncompressed, etc.) So to test it, I simply copied 3 photos that display correctly, say in folder 17, into a new folder. In this new folder they DO NOT display as thumbnails. So the properties remained the same, but the folder changed.

Is there perhaps some kind of limit on how many folders will display thumbnails? Not sure why. Within the computer within my network, I can display all the photos in a thumbnail format using Windows Explorer, but again they will not display after folder 17 within a mycloud share.

Thanks for any help or pointing me in a correct direction.


Hi Zorka,

You can have a look at this KBA:

Thank you so much. This resolved the issue and all is working again. Appreciate the support James.