How Passport Backup Treats Files Moved or Deleted

I added a Passport 2TB external drive for my Windows 10 desktop. I did an initial backup of my main folders (desktop, documents, etc.) and am experimenting with a Word file after that. I can see how an edit to the file, after initiating another backup, updates the drive with the current file version (and the older version is not visible). So it makes the current backup hierarchy accurate to what is on my C: drive in that case.

However, when I moved the file to another folder in my C:/Documents and initiated another backup, I can see the file in the backup folders (looking via Windows File Explorer) in the new location, but also still see a version in the prior location. So the current backup is not an exact replica of my current C:/Documents folder since the older version is still shown in the backup prior location? I just want to understand how this works.

Similarly, when I delete the file on my C: drive and initiate another backup, I still see the file in the backup. So I presume that files deleted are not deleted in the backup volume? Again, just want to be clear.

Any clarification is most welcome. Thanks.


I just took another look. Perhaps I can see old items in File Explorer views (under the backup Volume area) that show prior locations of moved or deleted files. But when I open WD Backup software and use the Restore tab and go to the folders in question, it does not show the moved or deleted file in the prior location folder. So if I were to initiate a Restore of all my folders using the latest backup, the moved or deleted files would not be shown where they should not be shown (in prior locations). Do I have this right? That is the way one would want it to work.