How on earth do you set up two devices on the same network?

I have a 2TB MyCloud device that I set up a year ago or so. I recently got a second, that I wanted to add to my network as a separate network drive. The instructions say to go to, which I’ve done. I click “Get Started,” and it says “searching for your device.” It then brings up a dashboard, and in the bottom left corner it says, “Cloud Devices: 2,” but that’s it. I have no way of doing anything or differentiating between the two. I cannot map it as a network drive or do anything. What am I missing?

If you are using windows try an arp -a command. See if the mac address of the new device show up. If it does then you know the ip address of the device. Enter the dashboard of the new device and set it up.
I have more than one My Cloud on the network. I have them set up in the router to reserve an address for each. This way they will always have the same IP address.

I would start with static IP the new one, Also would rename it in the dashboard to like wdmycloud2 or something generic. arp -a as suggested and look for the mac 00:90 starting prefix

I know the new device is connected, because when I log into my router, it shows as an attached device. How to I enter the dashboard of the new device? That’s what I can’t seem to do.

From a web browser enter the device ip address.

@kodiak1120 I have two devices and had no trouble setting the second device up. It does have to have a different name and e-mail address. What devices do you own?