How MyCloud sync pictures to Dropbox or BaiduCloud automatickly after I upload a picture to MyCloud


I buy a MyCloud recently, and I upload my pictures and other documents to my MyCloud, but there is a question to bother me.

The question is after I upload all my data to MyCloud. But oneday if MyCloud is broken, all my data will never come back again, So my idea is that when I upload my data to MyCloud, it can sync the data to the remote cloud such as Dropbox or BaiduCloud or GoogleDrive automaticly. 

Or If MyCloud supply OpenAPI to me to get data in MyCloud, I also can run a job to sync MyCloud data to remote Cloud every day by myself.

So who can answer my question? Thank you very much.

Hello there, welcome to the community.

The My Cloud Mirror has a third party app that would allow you to connect to dropbox, you can install it and check it out.

There’s also a way that you can backup the My Cloud mirror to a USB device using the NAS to USB backup option.

You can backup the My Cloud Mirror to another My Cloud mirror on a different location using the remote backup feature.