How much RAM does the WDTV Live Plus have for caching?

I was playing with Flingo on my Live Plus and was having issues with the video freezing due to my 3Mbps DSL connection.  It wouldn’t restart on its own so I would pause the video and wait until I see the network switch activity LED stop, then I would press play again.  This only resulted in maybe 5-10 more seconds of video before it would freeze again.

Yeah, my internet connection is slow, BUT how much ram does the WDTV Live Plus have for caching videos?  Seems like it’s a very small amount.  

I have 3Mbps DSL from at&t (I usually get about 2.6Mbps when testing with speakeasy) and I do not have any problem at all streaming with Flingo. Perhaps you have a problem with your network?