How much power does MyCloud consume?

Didn’t see this mentioned anywhere, not even in the manual. All it says is the power rating of the adapter. 

So, how much power does this device consume, while running and during the power saving mode? 

Just wanted to calculate the annual electricity charges for running this device 24x7 assuming some hours of sleep time.

Even when the drive goes to sleep, the power adapter is still consuming energy.  The only sure way to know is to measure it.  If you are electrically inclined, you can use a mutlimeter in ’ current’ setting to get the usage, or invest in a device like a KillaWatt, which can monitor and provide all the info you are looking for.

I have just been given a new power consumption device from work so I will test it on the WD and feedback

Awesome! Waiting for your inputs! :smiley:

3TB My cloud eating up around 9W of power when I’m copying files to it. And goes down to 4W when it goes to sleep.

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